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Metropolitan Local Government District Inquiries

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In July 2013 the State Government released its model for new local government boundaries in metropolitan Perth. The Minister for Local Government invited local governments to submit proposals to the Local Government Advisory Board (the Board) by 4 October 2013. During this time the Board received 21 proposals from local governments and one proposal from an elector group. It also accepted a further four proposals from local governments after this date.

In November 2013 the Minister submitted 12 proposals to the Board for consideration.

In all, the Board received 38 proposals. In conjunction with these proposals the Board advertised two notices of inquiries calling for submissions over two six-week periods. The initial submission period closed on 13 March 2014 and the second submission period closed on 26 June 2014.

Clause 6(2) of Schedule 2.1 to the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act) requires that the Board is not to recommend to the Minister the making of an order that is significantly different from a proposal into which it has formally inquired unless the Board has given notice to affected local governments, affected electors and the other electors of the districts directly affected by the recommendation of its intention to do so. The Board is also required to afford adequate opportunity for submissions to be made about the intended order and then consider any submissions before it makes a recommendation to the Minister.

Therefore, as required by clause 6(2) of Schedule 2.1 to the Act, the Board is giving notice of the orders that it intends to recommend to the Minister following its inquiries into the following proposals:

  1. Proposal E1 submitted by the Cockburn Community Steering Committee.
  2. Proposal No 5 submitted by the City of Armadale.
  3. Proposal No 10 submitted by the City of Melville.

An amalgamation of the City of Cockburn and the City of Kwinana is proposed for Proposal E1. A boundary amendment whereby the City of Armadale subsumes the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale is proposed for Proposal 5. Proposal 10 is a boundary amendment to expand the district boundary of the City of Melville.

Maps (3) which show the district boundaries originally proposed, and the district boundaries that would be created by the intended orders can be viewed below.

Submissions will close at 4.00pm on Thursday 14 August 2014.

To make a submission

1. Online submission

The online submission form allows anyone to lodge a submission about a proposal online.

2. Written and email submissions

Written and email submissions must be forwarded to the Local Government Advisory Board by:

Download the submission form (PDF 88KB).

3. Phone submissions

Alternatively, you can contact the Department of Local Government and Communities on:

  • Phone: (08) 6551 8700, or
  • Freecall: 1800 620 511 (for country callers)
Please note that the telephone service is available to assist people with access difficulties and we would ask that it not be used as a convenience.


Submissions will close at 4.00pm on Thursday 14 August 2014.

How to view an intended recommendation:

  • Select a local government from the dropdown list below.
  • This will show the Board's intended recommendations for proposals E1, 5 and 10.
  • Choose a proposal from the table.
    **Your selection will be highlighted to show the selected proposal.
  • This will then generate a list of affected local governments relating to that proposal, the intended recommendation description and a link to the map.
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