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Western Australian Laws Relating to Dogs

Your legal rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Dog Act 1976, the Dog Regulations 2013, and in local government local laws. Collectively, these laws provide for the registration, ownership and control of dogs in Western Australia.

State laws

The Dog Act and associated regulations apply throughout Western Australia. You can view these by going to the State Law Publisher website and performing a search. Enter ‘Dog Act’ in the "exact phrase:" search field to get results for the Dog Act 1976 and Current Regulations for the Dog Regulations 2013.

Local laws

Local governments enact local laws. A local law enacted by a local government applies only to the area administered by that local government and is not a statewide law.

If you have a query regarding a local law relating to dogs, contact the relevant local government direct.

Access an index of current local laws relating to dogs in your local government:

  • select your local government from the list
  • select ‘Current laws only’
  • type the word ‘dog’ in the field marked ‘Title’
  • click ‘Search’).
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